London 2030 Tourism Vision

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for what London’s tourism will look like in 2030

So much has changed since London created its last tourism vision in 2017. Brexit, climate change, coronavirus, digital transformation – and the way that behaviours have responded to each – mean that we are now adapting to a fundamentally different environment.

For London, as a truly global city, the loss of our domestic and international visitors, conferences and events hit our tourism industry harder than most. But London has always been resilient, able to adapt and to innovate. It is a restless city, always striving to be better.

This is our London 2030 Tourism Vision.

The Vision brings together the insights and ambitions of our industry to describe clearly what we, together, want London’s tourism to look like in 2030. It is a description of a sustainable, resilient and inclusive future. It is an invitation to write London’s next chapter, together.

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London will be a brilliant experience for visitors and Londoners alike. To experience London will be to feel our values and to live our brand - it is at the heart of who we are as a city.

Thank you to all the organisations and contributors that kindly gave their time and valuable insight to help deliver the London 2030 Tourism Vision