Governance and transparency

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Understand our transparency arrangements and how we share information.

While London & Partners is not a public body, we recognise the importance of being accountable for how we spend public money. 

Our transparency arrangements ensure we provide full and relevant information about value for money, and enable us to run as a commercial arms-length organisation.

Following a public consultation in early 2019, we have developed a new transparency policy which sets out additional measures to demonstrate how we spend public funds and make decisions.

Read the full transparency policy [PDF 204 KB].

Transparency arrangements

The information we publish focuses on four key areas: strategy and performance, value for money, our people and governance.

Strategy and performance

We produce a three-year strategy and annual business plans, and regularly monitor our performance against key performance indicators.

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Value for money

We are committed to driving efficiencies across the organisation and are proud of our return on investment.


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Since 1 April 2019, our procurement procedures for London & Partners Ltd has been aligned with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

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Our people

The success of London & Partners depends on our people. We aim to reward and recognise staff fairly, to be transparent and strive to create a high-performing environment, where everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

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London & Partners' governance is overseen by its board. Learn more about our governance model and how we are run.

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Consultation on London & Partners' transparency policy

In 2019, we undertook a public consultation which set out proposals to adopt increased levels of transparency to demonstrate how we spend public funds, make decisions and the outcomes and beneficiaries of our work.

Take a look at the full consultation [PDF 685 KB] and read London & Partners' response [PDF 388 KB].