How we are run

Learn how the unique private-public sector partnership works at London & Partners.
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London & Partners is a not-for-profit company. We operate as a social enterprise, half funded by the Greater London Authority (GLA) and half from other sources, including our portfolio of commercial ventures.

Our members

London & Partners is a company limited by guarantee and our members (the equivalent of shareholders) are the Mayor of London, ABTA, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Society of London Theatre and UK Hospitality.

Our board

The London & Partners board is made up of industry experts from the private sector.

It comprises of up to 10 non-executive directors and two executive directors. The Mayor of London appoints the chairman and one other director. Other non-executive directors are appointed by the members on the recommendation of the board. 

The board is responsible for:

  • Managing the company’s business, as set out in the Articles of Association.
  • Leading the development of strategies, policies and plans to discharge London & Partners’ purposes.
  • Monitoring the performance of the company, to ensure that it meets its strategic objectives and targets.
  • Promoting high standards of propriety, best practice and the efficient and effective use of staff and resources.

Board committees and subsidiary companies

Other specific responsibilities are delegated to its principle committees and subsidiary company boards.

Each of these operates within defined terms of reference:

Board committees

Subsidiary companies

The board is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, as an important part of an effective and efficient approach to managing the company and its subsidiaries.

Learn more about the board and its members.

Our Management Committee

Our Management Committee is responsible for the overall direction, performance and culture of the organisation.

The majority of decisions are made by two programme boards made up of the Management Committee and representatives of the wider Senior Leadership Team. 

The outcomes board oversees the delivery of the company's activities to ensure that we achieve our outcomes for London. The corporate board ensures that we are an effective and well-run organisation. 

You can find further information about our governance in our Delegation of Authority [PDF 119 KB].

Management Committee