London & Partners: our sustainability strategy

Spring blossoms in Greenwich Park.
Find out about London & Partners' sustainability strategy. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.
Find out about London & Partners' commitment, mission and strategy to creating a more sustainable London.

Our mission

Our mission is to create economic growth that is resilient, sustainable and inclusive.

We are committed to promoting London as the green destination of choice for business, tourism and events, growing the size of the green economy and supporting our clients and partners to become more environmentally sustainable.

We also make our own commitment towards greater environmental sustainability, leading by example on sustainable business practices.

We are working in partnership with local and national government, industry stakeholders and the business community to deliver our sustainability programme.

Our sustainability programme

Our sustainability programme is aligned with the Mayor of London’s ambition to make London a zero-carbon city by 2030. We are supporting the mayor’s Green New Deal, as part of the capital’s wider economic recovery strategy, creating new jobs and skills for Londoners.

We have in my view a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rebuild our cities and our economies so that they’re cleaner, greener, more sustainable and better geared towards meeting the needs of our citizens.
Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London

Our strategy

Growing the green economy

  • We will promote London globally as a leading cleantech hub and work with partners to further strengthen its ecosystem.
  • We will facilitate the growth of cleantech businesses through our foreign direct investment and trade and growth accelerator programmes.

Net zero for business

  • We will encourage businesses across all industries to join Race to Zero and become more environmentally sustainable.
  • We will provide advice and support to our clients through a programme of educational workshops, events and toolkits.

Net zero for tourism

  • We will promote London as the destination of choice for sustainable leisure and business tourism.
  • We will provide advice and support to our partners and the wider tourism and hospitality industry on their journey towards decarbonisation.

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