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We run London’s official university guide studylondon.ac.uk and promote London globally to attract international students.

London is a leading city for international study - find out why in this video.

International students inject £3bn a year into the UK economy

We exist to nurture and grow this economic contribution and to maintain London’s lead as the world’s best city for international study.

Find out more about the Study London team, or visit studylondon.ac.uk to see our student-facing website.

In 2013-14 overseas students supported 37,000 jobs and contributed £131m to the economy through visiting friends and family.

International students provide a significant and growing dividend for both London and UK economies. We estimate the total expenditure of international students in London to be in the region of £3 billion in 2013-14.

The Economic Impact of London’s International Students, a 2015 research report by London & Partners

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How we do it

London is home to the world’s largest international student community, with one in four students from overseas.

We use our main sites studylondon.ac.uk and london.cn, together with accompanying social media channels, to position London as the first choice for students. Our digital channels cover every aspect of studying in London, detailing 10,000 courses, how to apply, country-specific entry requirements and advice on job prospects.

Focus on China, India and the USA

  • China is the biggest source market for international students in London  but there is room for growth: 85% of Chinese students in the UK still choose to study outside the capital
  • We have created the Chinese language website london.cn and use social media channel Sina weibo to target this market
  • The USA and India, occupying second and third place in London’s source country league, also offer major opportunities for expansion which we are targeting by working with the American Association of Study Abroad Programmes and by highlighting the successes of Indian alumni

Working in partnership

  • We are working with sector-specific initiatives and campaigns to highlight London’s leading academic institutions
  • For example, we are teaming up with MedCity to promote London’s world-class life sciences education and research facilities
  • We also run in-country events targeting education agents and influencers in collaboration with London’s universities. Recent examples include campaigns in China, India and USA
  • In recognition that English language schools are an important feeder to university degree courses, we work in collaboration with English UK London and host www.englishuklondon.com which lists over 40 English language providers in London

More information

We are here to maintain London’s position as the world’s leading destination for international students.

Lalage Clay, Head of Education, London & Partners