London is Open

Discover our campaign to show that London is united and open for business.

Promoting London to the world

#LondonIsOpen is a major campaign launched by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, in 2016, to show that London is united and open for business.

It shows the world that London remains entrepreneurial, international and full of creativity and possibility, while reassuring the more than one million foreign nationals who live in London that they will always be welcome, and that any form of discrimination will not be tolerated. 

I urge everyone to get involved with this simple but powerful campaign to send a positive message to the world.
Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London

We support #LondonIsOpen

Working closely with the Mayor of London and our partners across the city we support the London is Open campaign.

We want to send a clear and positive message to the world that London is open for business and is an open, welcoming and outward looking city, that wants to engage with the rest of the world.

The Mayor, as well as multiple partners and organisations across London, have created content to support #LondonIsOpen. You can view some of the video content on this London is Open playlist.

How you can get involved

If you would like to support the London is Open campaign and get involved to show your commitment to London, here are some ideas:

  • Follow #LondonIsOpen on Twitter, share great content and use the hashtag in your social media communications.
  • Put the #LondonIsOpen mark on your marketing material, websites, shop fronts and other assets to show your support.
  • Use your own upcoming campaigns, activities or events to create photo, social or PR moments by using the London is Open message.
  • Share and use the videos that have been created in your own activities.
London is open for investment and business from around the globe.
Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London