London 2030 Tourism Vision

Explore what we envision London's tourism landscape to look like in the future, and how we plan to get there.

London's 2030 Tourism Vision

So much has changed since London created its last tourism vision in 2017. Brexit, climate change, coronavirus, digital transformation – but London has always been resilient, able to adapt and to innovate.

Our London 2030 Tourism Vision is for London to remain a brilliant experience for visitors and Londoners alike, uniting the ambitions of our industry to build a sustainable, resilient and inclusive future for London's tourism.

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London 2030 Tourism Vision

Discover the insights and ambitions for London's tourism in 2030.

London's Visitor Experience Strategy

London's Visitor Experience Strategy defines the city's priorities to deliver the London 2030 Tourism Vision. A strong visitor experience is essential to encourage repeat visitors and strong word of mouth.

Download a summary report [PDF 2.4 MB] or take a look at the full strategy [PDF 1.6 MB].

The visitor experience covers four key areas:

  1. Essentials: the city infrastructure that underpins the visitor experience.
  2. Experiences: the diverse and unique range of things to do in the city.
  3. Places: the city's distinctive visitor destinations.
  4. Brand: how we talk about London to form visitor expectations.

While London delivers a good visitor experience, it ranks below eight of its 11 competitor cities. This strategy sets out the priorities to improve London's visitor experience.

Visitor experience priorities 

  • Essentials: internet, welcome, encourage sustainable visits.
  • Experiences: unique experiences aligned to future trends, food and drink, parks and green spaces.
  • Places: increase the quality and quantity of visitor hubs within the city.
  • Brand: stay longer and explore more of London, unique experiences, food and drink, parks and green spaces, welcome, value for money.

The strategy takes a visitor-first approach and is built from more than 60 sources of visitor research including spend data, visitor reviews and qualitative research. It also considers key trends to ensure London's visitor experience is future proofed in the years to come.

Download the Visitor Experience Strategy