Statement from London & Partners following the release of the Royal Albert Dock audit report

London & Partners welcomes the Greater London Authority’s internal audit report that reviewed the competitive procurement process of the Royal Albert Dock.  Their report, concludes that there is ‘substantial assurance’ regarding the process.  This is the highest audit assurance rating.  It underlines that the procurement process was effective and compliant with internal procedures and the law – and that it was fair for all bidders.

London & Partners carried out an international marketing and promotional campaign in 2011, including in India and Australia as well as numerous cities across China and Hong Kong, to highlight to potential investors the opportunities available in the Royal Docks.  L&P encouraged several companies to bid and to complete the tender process.

At no point was London & Partners a part of the decision making process nor sought to influence which company would be awarded the contract for the Royal Albert Dock.

The Royal Albert Dock audit report is available here.

Notes to Editors

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