Chinese New Year

The largest organised celebrations outside of Asia

The Chinese New Year celebrations are organised by the London Chinatown Chinese Association (LCCA). They feature a colourful parade through Chinatown and the West End culminating at Trafalgar Square, with an array of stages showing traditional and contemporary Chinese performances and the very popular lion and dragon dances. The main stage at Trafalgar Square pulls in the crowds with a spectacular Chinese New Year finale.

What we did

Business case development
Following consultation with the GLA we approached the LCCA to discuss ways to assist this volunteer organisation and help create a step-change for Chinese New Year.

Event marketing through digital channels
We agreed three-year partnerships (from 2017-2019 and 2020-2022) with becoming the official digital home for the event. For 2018, we created and launched the new event brand, which is integrated across all channels, from digital to the live event. We also assist with international PR.

Enabling sponsorship
Commercial and sponsorship mentoring and wider major events support and advice.

Image credit: Greater London Authority

Key results

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