What we deliver for London

Blackfriars Bridge and the Illuminated River.
Blackfriars Bridge and the Illuminated River. © James Newton
Our work has added £2.2bn to the London economy since 2011.

Delivering for London

See what we do and how we contribute to the London economy in this video.

Creating and supporting jobs and growth for London

We support economic growth and job creation for London by attracting investment, businesses, events and visitors and helping London businesses to internationalise.

Since London & Partners' creation in 2011, we have contributed to the success of London.

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Our impact since 2011

£2.2bn added to London's economy.

68k+ jobs created or supported.

2,000+ overseas companies set up or expanded.

9.1m international students reached.

142m people inspired through visitlondon.com.

2,554 events attracted.

66,700 pieces of international media coverage.

How we do it

We promote London across the world and attract overseas companies, talent, events and visitors to the capital, as well as helping London companies expand internationally.

We do this by persuading international companies to set up and grow in London, and London companies to go global. We help secure business, major sporting and cultural events and promote London to international leisure visitors.

We measure the impact of our work through the additional economic benefits that are directly attributable to our activities. Our key performance indicators are gross value added (GVA), jobs created or supported and positive international media coverage.

Our impact and how it's measured 

The great thing about London & Partners is that you really feel they've got your back. And they really open doors for you.
Neil Small 
Director, Lucid Environments