Media Contacts

Contact the London & Partners Media & PR team using the contact details below.

Telephone number: +44(0)20 7234 5710

Email address:

Out of Hours

If you are a journalist with an urgent enquiry, you can contact the London press team between 17.30 and 9.00 or during weekends by dialling the telephone number above, where you will be directed to an on-call team member. Please note this is for urgent media enquiries from accredited press members only.

Meet the Team

Martin Greig

Head of Media & PR

Phil Nettleton

Media & PR Project Manager

Ellie Wilson

Head of Tourism PR

Rebekah Clement

Media & PR Manager - Leisure Tourism

Abigail Smith

Abigail Smith

Media & PR Manager - Life Sciences

Jodie Byford

Senior Press Officer - Tourism

Nick Mouton

Nick Mouton

Senior Press Officer - Dot London

Bettina Gimenez

Press Officer - Tourism