Locating Your Environmental Business in London

The UK environmental sector is worth $45 billion and is growing at more than 6% per year*.

London & Partners can help you set up and grow your environmental business in London.

We have the knowledge and connections to make sure you capitalise on the significant opportunities available in London.

Why Choose London?

By setting up in London, you'll have access to a growing market, a skilled workforce and London & Partners' excellent industry contacts. Benefits include:

  • Leading market: The UK environmental technology industry is the world's fifth largest, comprising more than 17,000 companies and 400,000 workers. A fifth of its $45 billion turnover is exported [Source: Global environmental markets and the UK environmental industry: opportunities to 2010 (2002) Joint Environmental Markets Unit]
  • Vast waste market: London produces more than 24 million tonnes of waste annually – 7.8 million tonnes from construction and demolition, 7.9 million tonnes from commerce and industry and 4.8 million tonnes from municipal solid waste [Source: Reducing London’s Wasteline – Final Report (2005) SLR Consulting/London Remade]
  • Looming landfill crisis: Many London councils are seeking new recycling and waste disposal solutions to meet the EU landfill diversion targets in 2010 and 2013. London needs capital investment to meet the Mayor's target for London to manage 85% of its own waste by 2020
  • Investment in household recycling: UK law states that a third of household waste should be recycled or composted by 2015.
  • Regulation-led opportunities: EU directives are forcing manufacturers to recycle waste at least 75% of the weight of every electronic and electrical product, creating a market predicted to be worth nearly $646 million. Recycling end-of-life vehicles is an emerging sector predicted to grow to around $800 million [Source: Environmental Technologies Opportunities in the UK, UK Trade & Investment, Nov 2003]
  • Leading brand base: Four of the top 13 environmental consultancies have their headquarters in London – ERM, Scott Wilson, White Young Green Environmental and WSP Environmental. Waste management companies operating here include Biffa Waste Services, Cleanaway, Cory Environmental, EMR, Enviros, Shanks, SITA, Severnside, Remarkable, Thames Waste, Valpak, Veolia, and Waste Recycling Group (WRG)
  • Deep talent pool: This sector employs around 400,000 people, just under 18% of the UK total. UK universities are placing more emphasis on environmental studies to meet market demand, resulting in highly-qualified graduates and a good range of postgraduate research programmes in environmental sciences
  • Hybrid legislative framework: The law spans European Union (EU) directives and UK legislation. UK targets cover household waste recycling and composting, CO2 emissions, renewable energy, housing and brownfield development, air quality, air pollution, noise and vibration, contaminated soil and hazardous waste.

* [Source: Emerging Markets in the Environmental Sector (2006) DTI/Defra]

London Sustainable Industries Park

London Sustainable Industries Park is the UK's largest concentration of sustainable industries and environmental technologies. It enables companies to use waste materials from one organisation to provide power or raw materials for another.

How London & Partners Can Help

London & Partners can help you to set up and expand your environmental business in London.

We have excellent contacts with environmental bodies, service providers and research expertise such as London Remade, London Waste Action, The London Development Agency and London's universities.

Contact us to find out how we can help you set up your business in London.