Closed Loop London

Visy Closed Loop was looking to set up a base outside Australia but saw cost of entry as a barrier to London.

Client Profile

Closed Loop London
London Location:
East London
London & Partners Services:
Provided guidance on location issues and conducted exhaustive site searches in East London, assisted with planning and SFI grant applications, delivered intelligence on London's waste and landfill facilities

About Closed Loop

Closed Loop Environmental Solutions (trading as Visy Closed Loop) was founded in Australia in 2001 and is now a world leader in environmental packaging and recycling solutions.

The closed loop system manages the entire lifecycle of food and cosmetics packaging – from manufacture and collection after use through to recycling and creation of new products. The company's clients include Qantas, Melbourne and Olympic Parks Trust (MOPT) and the Australian Grand Prix.

Aim: Set Up a Base Outside Australia

Visy Closed Loop wanted to set up a base outside Australia, with the UK as the front-running country. London, Wales, Manchester, Merseyside and Scotland were competing locations. The company favoured London, but saw cost of entry as a barrier. It needed to build its entire business and location case from scratch and had no contacts in the UK.

London & Partners Services

London & Partners worked with Visy Closed Loop throughout a four-year programme to plan and set up its new operation, Closed Loop London, in the capital. During this time London and Partners:

The Value of London & Partners' Network 

London & Partners' unique relationships resulted in several introductions and partnerships for Closed Loop London. We worked with Gateway to London to co-ordinate and manage many of these relationships. In particular, the company benefited from introductions to:

  • Waste and Resources Action Programme: Supported the project and contributed vital funding
  • London Climate Change Agency: Insights into London's policy on carbon emissions
  • London First: Provided office space for the company's planning team
  • The London Development Agency (LDA): Source of critical grants
  • London Remade: Guidance on London recycling policy and practices

Interview with Closed Loop London

Chris Dow, Managing Director, Closed Loop London talks about the London opportunity and how London & Partners (then Think London) helped:

"London & Partners really made our lives a lot easier as far as trying to establish a business in this part of the world and when we stacked it up against some of the competitors in the UK we ideally wanted to be here.

We've been able to make the whole thing add up and we are thrilled.

"When we arrived here, we didn't know anyone. Being able to establish a contact base and figure out the economics of a project is a key part but it's quite daunting. If you've got someone who knows what's going on and can hold your hand and introduce you to people such as the London Development Agency (LDA), it makes all the difference – and that's been one of the great strengths of London & Partners.

"Waste and Resources Action Programme has been a strong supporter of our programme, as have the LDA. We can relate that crucial support directly to the work of London & Partners.

"At one point coming to London seemed to be potentially cost prohibitive so we looked at Wales, Manchester, Merseyside and Scotland. Thanks to London & Partners, we secured a site in East London. We've been able to make the whole thing add up and we are thrilled.

"London & Partners continues to help CLL with its growth plan. As our business expands our work with London & Partners will expand. They know what they're talking about, they know a lot of people and they add a great value to our business. They swung the whole pendulum in favour of us sticking with London and establishing our business here."

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