100 Companies to Watch

Download our publication, 100 Companies to Watch, to read about some of London's greatest inward investment successes. The list features 100 companies London & Partners has helped set up and expand in London.

Since 1994 we've helped companies from more than 40 countries set up and thrive here, giving us a first-hand insight into how overseas organisations can fast track expansion with a London base.

The list of 100 Companies to Watch is testament to London's resilience and diversity, but more significantly it is a celebration of overseas businesses that are successfully shaping the UK capital's economic landscape.

Shaping London's Global Economy

The list is split into a selection of eight archetypes; distinct groups that we think will come to define London's role in the global economy:

  • Industry Innovators: These companies are at the cutting-edge, combining determination with radical thinking to move their industries forward
  • Go-ahead Globalisers: Having set up vital operations in London, these companies are driving rapid and successful growth in markets and territories across the globe
  • Green Pioneers: As leaders in the low-carbon economy, these companies are developing the know-how and technology to help green the planet
  • Niche and Nimble: These highly specialized firms are succeeding through opportune, targeted and speedy expansion into new markets world-wide
  • Knowledge Champions: These organisations are developing and nurturing knowledge and expertise for broader personal, social and business gain
  • Intelligent Optimisers: Canny consolidation and clever take-overs have seen these firms thrive during challenging economic times
  • Flagships: These companies have set up outstanding showcases of products, services and expertise
  • Great Inventions: These firms are true revolutionaries, creating entirely new business models and industry sub-sectors