London & Partners' Campaigns

Our marketing and campaign activity promotes London as a tourism, business and higher education destination worldwide.

Leisure Tourism

Our campaign activity aims to promote London worldwide, inspiring visitors to book a visit to London for city breaks, day trips, or holidays. We promote London both domestically and internationally, targeting consumers directly through advertising, marketing activity and promotions. We also work with the travel industry to promote London to individual leisure travellers and groups worldwide. Current and future campaigns include: 

  • The London Story: The 2013/14 campaign presented a valuable opportunity to build on our post-Olympic campaign, London Now See it for Yourself, by continuing to shift perceptions and encourage our international audiences to visit London, showing them why the UK capital is the world’s best visitor destination. London is a city of people and a city of stories, and this campaign showcased the most unique and passionate, inviting visitors to start their own London story. As Gordon Innes, Chief Executive of London & Partners, explains: “The London Story campaign offers a fascinating and personal insight into what the capital means to Londoners and vividly conveys to people all over the world what an amazing place it is to visit.”

         The London Story was London & Partner’s most successful campaign
         See the results for yourself [PDF 1.7MB]

  • Upcoming Campaigns: Planning for the next campaign is already underway. A follow-up to The London Story, we’ll continue to go behind-the-scenes and tease out the secrets and stories of London’s most loved places. To find out more about the campaign and how to get involved, please contact Michelle McCracken, Partnerships Marketing Manager.
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Business Tourism

Our business tourism activities showcase London as the world's leading destination for business. We engage with many business audiences – from large associations bringing thousands of delegates, to solo business travellers. Our campaigns target audiences across the globe as well as our local London and domestic UK audience. We promote London's business offer through a range of marketing and communications channels including live events and trade shows, press stunts, advertising, social media, advertorials, direct mail and numerous online and hard-copy brochures and guides.

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Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Campaigns

We are the experts on doing business in the capital and we champion London as the leading business destination for  international expansion, connecting international businesses to London, helping them set up, succeed and grow. Our business development teams  travel around the world, meeting with companies who are interested in setting up business in London. We also have offices in Beijing, Mumbai, New York, San Francisco and Shanghai.

We run campaigns targeting companies at the right stage of growth to consider international expansion, spreading the message about London's strengths as a business city. We create offerings specifically for overseas businesses looking at London for a new operation, such as:

  • Touchdown London which offers free desk space for up to 12 months for our clients

See London & Partners: Business

Higher Education Campaigns

London is the most popular study destination in the world with over 100,000 international students studying in our universities. We work with higher education providers to promote London as the best place to be a student under the campaign: 

  • A world-class education in a world-class city

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